Arri Updates

CineStuff has for many years been a major stockist of Arri Lighting gear for rental and our faith in the brand has proven founded time and again. Lately we have updated a few of our more common fixtures with Arri’s improved models.

These include the T1, T2 and T5 range of Tungsten Fresnels that offer lighter weight more effective lighting units.

In the open face range Arri has taken a step away from the Arrilite 8oow which closely resembled the Redhead and produced the 750 watt Plus. In my opinion this is a great improvement on the open face design and makes use of the specular reflector that is found in the M18. This allows for a single ended bulb that has a smooth range of movement from impressive flood through to punchy spot without jamming. On the front of the 750 watt you will find a mount that is ready to accept a small Chimera or softbox of your choosing. No more messing around with heavy mounting rings. Fast bulb replacement is enabled without tools and the single sided yolk means rigging in awkward positions is a breeze.  All in all a great range of improvements that makes the open face welcome back on my set. Drop us a line to organise a time to check out the latest Arri Gear for yourself.

Going Up

Things are changing at CineStuff and we are going up in style. More info yet to come … but for now here is a pic of progress.