Which Dolly?

Putting a little camera movement into your shoot adds production value so it’s not surprising quite a few people want to have a small compact lightweight Dolly as part of a location kit.

If you want to get maximum use out of your hire it pays to think about exactly what you will be trying to achieve. Then we can match the right gear for the job.

First of our questions will be – what is the tracking surface? Do you have a nice smooth hard floor suitable for inflated rubber tyres or are you planning to lay track for the ultimate smooth ride?

We have Dollies that can do either.

The Platform Dolly is the most basic of platforms fitted with smooth inflated tyres and optional extension platforms. This allows for fast set up as the flat base allows you to tie down your tripod and go. The “T” bar steering folds down flat onto the base for easy storage in a hatchback and the parking brakes prevents it taking off when unattended on a slope.

The Quad Dolly has several features not available in the basic Platform Dolly. Firstly the same inflated wheels can be very quickly removed and replaced with Tracking Wheels to run on our Stainless Steel Track.

Rather than a completely flat base the Quad comes with a “Euro Mount” that takes our Bazooka which allows for quick changes in camera height by a spring loaded column. Also the Euro mount accommodates an operators seat that can swivel and be set at various heights. The “T” steering bar is replaced with a wide push bar for use on track to allow for smooth start and stops. But the most amazing aspect of the Quad Dolly is it’s tight turning circle at repeatable diameters thanks to the optional “4 wheel steer” mode. This mode is engaged simply by pulling a pin at the base of the “T” bar to either disengage or engage both axles into the steering mode. With practice some quite elegant and precise moves can be achieved.

If you are committed to tracking on track only and want a dolly that can be broken down smaller than the Quad then the Grip Kit Dolly is your best choice.

The basic components are a Push Bar, Bazooka, Ply Base on a Steel spider and tracking wheels in a travel case.

We also offer an optional “cut away” base for the Grip Kit Dolly that is ideal for low angle shots. Despite it’s compact size this Dolly can easily handle any load and is confortable supporting our GFM MiniJib when fitted with the Bazooka.

There are so many combinations to be taken advantage off so please tell us what you are trying to achieve and we will attempt to offer up the right tools for the job.