Bulb stock just landed

Looking for replacement lamps for your own Film and TV fittings?
We have just landed a large shipment of all lamps including Kinoflo, HMI and all Tungsten bulbs suitable for studio and location fittings.
e-mail info@cinestuff.co.nz for pricing.

Arri M18

The Arri M18 has to be my new favorite daily work horse. The M18 HMI is perfect for those people looking for maximum output off a household power point. Not only because of the impressive output but the ballast size and no need for lenses means faster setup and less trips to the van.

Here is some key points from my testing of the light:

At Full Flood
The M18 is 1/2 stop brighter with more spread than the 2.5.
This I believe is the strongest point of this lamp as we are finding most users of Pars are bouncing or putting thru diffusion. Therefore the M18 makes sense in all those situations.

At Full Spot
The 2.5 Par is almost 2 stops brighter with a spot lens in at full spot.
Of course The Par is a clear winner at full spot.

The head of the M18 weighs 10.5 KG
The head of the 2.5 Par weighs 18.5 Kg
The ballast of the M18 weighs 8kg
The ballast of the 2.5 Par weighs 20kg

Cartage and Components
The packing of the M18 takes up nearly 1/2 the space of the 2.5 Par.
There is no lens case with the M18 therefore less trips to set up one light and less potential for broken glass due to handling and hot lens changes and rain.

Power Draw
The M18 is only 1800w as opposed to 2500w so there is far less chance of blown circuits and overheating of extension leads.

The Sharing of Knowledge

At the heart of our business is the belief that if we have some knowledge that will present a better outcome for our clients, then we will all benefit from sharing it with you. Some of these insights come from years of working in the Screen Production Industry both on and off set. Some other pearls of knowledge have been handed on to us from friends, mentors and colleagues.

Daylight Control:
Shooting day exterior scenes, especially in changing light, offers filmmakers of every budget size some of the biggest challenges. One thing is for sure – at the end of the day, regardless of your schedule, the sun will go down. This download has a few pointers that may help you avoid some of the traps and choose the right gear to get you through the day.

Screen Lighting:
This document contains a few pointers on lighting for Blue and Green Screen. For more information than what can be covered here, consider making an appointment to meet staff at our on site test area by calling Rita on 09 8352261 or e-mailing us.