For pricing on our extensive range of Expendables please phone or email us.
 Below is a broad overview of items we carry as part of our regular stock.

We stock gel filters which are sold by the metre or roll. The range includes all Colour Corrections, Diffusions and Colour Effects.

 Cinefoil or Blackwrap is sold by the metre or roll. We stock Metal and wooden pegs along with Hog Wire which is used to shelter fixtures from rain. Sash Cord is available in either hanks or by the cut metre, in black or white.

 Tapes for almost any application are available in a range of colours and materials. These include Cloth Tape, Nashua, Fluoro and Masking Tapes in both 1 inch and 2 inch rolls.

 We hold stocks of replacement bulbs and tubes to fit most of the lighting equipment available on the market including Tungsten, HMI and Kinoflo fittings.

We are proud to be a Dealer for Cardellini.
 Our stocks of the well regarded Cardellini Clamps include two of the most popular models. They are a useful tool for securing Lamps, C-Arms and all manner of things to pipes, doors, grids, timber and much more.

And Everything else: Deoxit, Bongo Ties, Gloves, Polysytrene Sheets and CoreFlute, Marker Pens and Tennis Balls (for floor protection on stands)…. If it’s not mentioned here just ask.