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Founding member of New Zealand Cinematographers Society 2008

Kevin Riley is a Cinematographer who has worked in the screen industry since the early 1980’s as a freelancer after spending a brief time at TVNZ.

His early days as a Gaffer and Second Unit Cinematographer for some of New Zealand’s most notable DOPs formed the basis of his skills that he uses today behind the camera.

From the mid 1990’s Kevin shot many TV Dramas including a long list of Fantasy Action Shows along with Short Films and Tele Movies. This was capped off with an AFTA for Cinematography on “Legend of The Seeker” in 2011. Most recently he has been behind the lens on a number of local shows including “Nothing Trivial”.

Camera systems that Kevin has worked with over the years include 16 and 35mm Film, RED, Panasonic Varicam, Arri Alexa, Panavision Genesis and most Sony camera systems.

In 2008 Kevin founded the New Zealand Cinematographers Society which today has become a key organization that fosters the craft of the DOP in NZ. When not on a shooting set Kevin can be found at CineStuff advising clients on the best use of equipment at it’s suitability at all budget levels or behind the lens of a stills camera. This link will take you some samples of Kevin’s photography.

Kevin’s involvement with the wider industry continues to offer opportunities to both share his knowledge and learn from others.

Kevin can be contacted at