About CineStuff

Lighting Hire was at the core of our company from the very beginning and we back up our gear with a rigorous maintenance schedule. Whether you are looking for a couple of units on a one day hire or a complete studio fit out, we offer you the same high degree of attention to detail and service.
Lamps are offered for hire in Daylight, Tungsten, LED and Fluoro fittings. These units are all supported with a large range of stands and rigging for every possible situation. 
Electrical distribution can be supplied along with simple or complex dimming control. The equipment you are hiring has been fully tested to comply with Electrical Standards. With years of practical “on set experience” we can offer you solid advice in getting the best out of the equipment we supply.

Grip Gear from Grip Factory Munich forms the backbone of our rental equipment. Our range of Dollies can run either on pneumatic wheels over smooth surfaces or be used in combination with our GFM track. Using kits such as the Combi Rig and Grip Kit we can help you put the camera almost anywhere. The sliding U-Bangi in either 1 or 2 metre mode allows you to track the camera without laying track. Our Minijib System uses Weka Legs for a great combination of versatility and strength. Heavy duty ladders and mounts give easy access to high angle shots while still being compact enough to fit in a van or station wagon.

Effects Gear such as Hazers and Smoke Machines, Ladders and Safety equipment along with many other tools of the trade are also available. If you are looking for effects on a larger scale we can direct you to local suppliers experienced in snow, wind and fire along with pyrotechnics.
Our Sales area stocks a large assortment of expendable sales including Gels, Gaffer Tapes, Bulbs and Support Gear.
A fully equipped testing and demonstration area is situated on site. This allows us to introduce you to new products you may not have used.

Delivery of our equipment may be possible throughout Auckland or Nationwide. Please confirm this by contacting us in advance of your booking.
Advice on rigging or placement of equipment can be arranged at any stage of the production. Crew members with a background at all levels of screen production can be contacted on your behalf should you be unfamiliar with Auckland’s Techos. 
We also have connections to Gaffers, Grips and Cinematographers skilled in both Film and Video production.

CineStuff also has a Photography services website that offers up a wider range of services based around our experience in image creation.

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